PT Mobile Manager

PT Mobile Manager

Designed to assist trainers in managing their Clients effectively
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PT Mobile Manager has been designed to assist trainers in managing their Clients, Time and Finances effectively.

Main Features:

Contact Management:

- Stores Name, Address, Contact Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Comments and Health Information.

Package/Session Management:

- Create and manage packages with one or more sessions of different types (PT, RPM, AQUA etc).
- Record payments for packages and sessions.
- Record outstanding payments.
- Add equipment to sessions.
- Record feedback for each session.
- Ability to review previous session.


- Scheduler acts as a roster for the trainer, displaying the session times, client names and sessions types.
- Graphical Day, Multi Day, Week, Work Week and Month Views for scheduled sessions.
- Quick and efficient session scheduling. Ability to alter session times simply by dragging and dropping.
- Depending on the Session Types, sessions appear in different colours. (PT in red, RPM in orange, AQUA in blue etc)

Inventory Management:

- Store equipment.
- Record purchase details viz. Place of purchase, date of purchase, cost, contra deal and details.
- Store image for each equipment.


- Ledger of income and expenses over a period.
- Facility to generate credits.


- Revenue by Clients over a period.
- Revenue by Session Types over a period.
- Outstanding payments report.
- Sessions remaining report.

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